Committed Business and Social Sciences students wanted!

Do you wish to take part in an educational strategic development project that will embellish your CV?

Do you want to help the Faculty achieve a prestigious international accreditation?

Can you allot 24 hours to evaluate the Faculty together with your fellow students and the Faculty management?

Then keep on reading:

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences are in the middle of a process with the aim of the Faculty to achieve the international EQUIS accreditation. Only 140 educational institutions in the world (business schools/faculties/universities) have accomplished the prestigious international stamp of approval from EQUIS.

For you as a student the EQUIS accreditation would mean:

  • That your diploma is from an international accredited institution. The quality of your programme has gotten another – international – stamp of approval.
  • The Faculty continuously has the opportunity of attracting the best researchers/university teachers and students to our programmes.
  • The Faculty can continuously enter exchange and cooperation agreements with some of the best universities that, like us, value high-quality programmes and research.

In order to achieve the accreditation The Faculty must complete an extensive self-evaluation. As a part of this evaluation a representative group of students must complete a report about the Faculty of approximately 20 pages.

For this project we are looking for 30-40 skilled and committed students. We are interested in both international and Danish students from all campuses and also both graduate and undergraduate students.

The Faculty invites you all to a 24 hour camp at Hotel Nyborg Strand from 11 am Friday 24th of May to 12 am Saturday 25th of May. As a prelude to the camp the Faculty invites you to an information meeting Wednesday 8th of May at 1pm in KUBEN (Campus Odense), where a briefing about the project and the process will take place.

If YOU are interested in engaging in the development of the Faculty you must no later than Monday 22nd of April notify your interest here and you will then be contacted. Interviews will be held in the following week. Besides participating in the camp on the 24th-25th of May you are obliged to participate with the editing of the report and in a meeting with the international evaluation panel whom will visit the Faculty on the 19th-21st of November 2013.

Applicants will be called for an interview and the Faculty reserves the right to choose between the applicants in order to ensure a broad mix of nationalities, undergraduate and graduate students, gender, campuses etc.

The Faculty holds all expenses in relation to the information meeting and the camp, including transport to and from all campuses, accommodation, meals etc.

After the visit from the international panel you will receive a written statement from the dean to document your participation in the project.

We can guarantee that it will be an exciting and educational experience from which you can benefit both academically and socially.

If you should have any questions please contact either project worker Kristine Louise Buch ( or project manager Connie Bang Jensen (