How Often Do You Get the Chance to Test Your Future Job?

The main aim of our internship program is to provide students with a real, hands-on opportunity to experience work as a consultant.

The internship program in Copenhagen is designed to acquaint you with McKinsey’s integrated approach to problem solving, teamwork, and client engagements, and it offers valuable work experience before graduation.

As an intern, you serve as a full-time member of a selected McKinsey project team on equal footing with the rest of the McKinsey consultants. You will work with McKinsey experts from around the world, receive day-to-day coaching from your project manager and team members, and become familiar with critical challenges that top-level clients from varying industries are facing.

Our interns are enterprising and have strong analytical and leadership skills. An internship can present the opportunity to return to McKinsey as a junior associate after graduation.

How and when to Apply 
You can apply anytime throughout the year from your 4th semester. If succesful, the dates of your internship will be planned together with you and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Our requirements are identical to those for a full-time position, and your application should thus include the same information.

Please apply by filling in the online application form under “Apply to McKinsey” and choose “Fellow Intern” as position.