Danish and English law faculty share perspectives in conversation at Monday February 16, 2015, kl. 19.30-21.00 – Aud O100, Campustorvet. 

Are Human rights the cause or the cure for terrorism?


  • Associate Professor, Bugge Thorbjørn Daniel, SDU
  • Dr. David McIlroy, SOAS London


  • Cand.jur, Lise Reuss Muff, Assistant Attorney, Kammeradvokaten


Both presenters will offer a max of 15 minute talk, followed by moderated discussion and questions from the audience.

Immediately following the Forum there will be a reception for all participants.


Charlie Hebdo. Suddenly we all feel the attack on freedom of speech being presented at our front door. And Danes especially remember cartoons all right. But how do we move on?

Grounding an equal worth for all in the language of human rights still raises questions. Are the uses of those rights actually causing the terror we seek to defend. Or are the rights a powerful tool to fight against it?

Modern human rights grew out of a religious paradigm in Europe. Why do human rights seem increasingly conflict with religion? Have they become a religion for the non-religious? This Veritas Forum will explore secular and Christian perspectives on these questions in the spirit of constructive dialogue.

Join us as Assoc. Prof. Bugge Thorbjørn Daniel and Dr. David McIlroy will discuss these and other questions – and be sure to bring your own questions for an engaging and important evening at the Veritas Forum at SDU!

Arranged by Veritas at SDU and KFS Odense


Bugge Thorbjørn Daniel is Associate Professor in International Law, PhD, at Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark.

Bugge wrote his PhD on WTO issues on free trade and environmental issues settlements. This discussion naturally led to questions on EU Law, International Law, and came to touch on both International and European human rights. An expert in WTO, International and EU Law, he has taught a wide area of subjects connected with this including International and European human rights and has supervised dissertations on human rights from undergraduate to PhD levels.

Furthermore, he is involved in the department’s talent development program, training and preparing students for participation in international moot court competition.

Currently, his research focus is on a EU citizen initiative that gives one million EU citizens the possibility to initiate suggestions for EU legislation, as well as the judicial framework for a possible free-trade agreement between Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland and the implications of this for EU and WTO Law.

Married with three children, Bugge also is both a football coach and music board member in his local community. He is also Board member of the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS).

David McIlroy is a practicing barrister in London and Visiting Senior Lecturer in Banking Law at SOAS, University of London. He holds Master’s degrees in Law from the Universities of Cambridge, UK, and Toulouse, France, and a PhD in the Theology of Law from the University of Wales.

David has a thorough understanding of business. He advises regularly on commercial disputes, particularly in the fields of banking, financial services, and insolvency. In 2011, David compiled a report for the Albanian Ministry of European Integration and for the European Commission on Albania’s banking legislation in preparation for its application to the European Union.

At SOAS, David also supervises master’s dissertation. And having theological expertise, he also supervises master’s dissertation on Theology of Law and Justice at Spurgeon’s Theological College.

Deeply interested and engaged in areas outside his strictly professional areas, David has spoken internationally on money laundering, justice, natural law and scientific naturalism. In relations to human rights he has a keen interest in the origins and ideas behind the rights and has published articles as well as public speaking on these issues.

David is married with two teenage children. Apart from family and work, he really enjoys food, cricket – and Albania!

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